A little lost

I’ve looked back over a couple of posts at the end of 2022 and have no memory of making them. Apparently, I’ve not posted about Europe which is a mistake because I’m just going to forget more and more details. My days still lack structure. They are filled with task lists which are largely disorganized… Continue reading A little lost


3rd day with the house to myself. I’ve gone out a bit each day, but also tried to accomplish a few things around here. Did a bit of crafts stuff just because I have to eat the frog. Managed some dot painting and some more HTV (didn’t turn out too well, but I tried). Spent… Continue reading September


So much going on – none of it work. I may have done all of an hour of work since August 8 – my last real working day. I have so many things in progress: Planning a trip to London, Paris and Rome Oct 2-19 Figuring out what to carry and what to leave behind… Continue reading Mid-September