November, December and January have included some health maintenance related events. Had an MRI of the breast in November (waited 2 months for pre-auth). Because of my weight loss, the pressure on my ribs was about 100 times more than in the past because there is now not so much fat padding there. I spent the better part of December with bruised ribs running almost to my spine in the back. No fun. Clean MRI but a recommendation for still another mammogram in 6 months since I have “dense breast tissue”. Not sure how to fully understand this since I’ve gone from a 42C to about a 38B bra over the past year (that represents a loss of more than 5 inches in my girls). I guess no matter how small and saggy, they remain dense. Like biscuits we used to call “sinkers”.

Labs and regular doc check in December. Fell at the shelter in early November and damaged my quadriceps and lateral cruciate ligament to the point that my ALT went from 31 to 152 cleaning up the damage. Thankfully, I’ve fully recovered and don’t need PT at this point.

Yesterday was the time for my 2nd shingles vaccine. The first was a dilly, raising a baseball-sized lump on my arm. Ok, I got both the flu shot and the shingles simultaneously, but still. I’m running at half speed today, nearly 12 hours after the vaccine. This is supposed to go on for 2-3 days. Hubby is detecting, so I have a quiet house with no demands on me. May head to a friend’s house for an hour or two for additional sympathy.

BTW – I have been using an application called Grammarly for other reasons, and despite being a published author and having a Ph.D. and a bunch of other degrees, I have to admit this thing structures sentences better than I do. AI continues its subtle invasion.

Clearly, I do not remember how to hit publish.