February = Winter

February is my toughest month. I know it’s short (well, this year not as much). But the days are cold to me (40’s), the nights colder (30’s) and the skies are typically without enough sunlight. My most recent trip to Florida did not resolve my need for sunlight and I am actually looking forward to returning if only for a few days to take the car back.

The dollhouse is safe and sound at my home. It is not exactly as I remember it, but that goes for pretty much most of anyone’s childhood in general. I so so love it. I have plans to take its bare wooden walls and transform them into something worthy of the beautiful furniture that I found stashed carefully inside. Same will go for the floors which are also raw wood. I just need to get going on my practice house (which I bought at auction for $20) and build up my confidence and skillset so I can DO something.

I’m also going to embark on a large project which is making the rounds across the US these days. Best to show a picture:

My first one will be 2′ x 3′ and have 2″ openings – plenty of room for dangling and sparkling. Planning to find places throughout our 3 acres to put them. Hopefully, they will stand up to the weather.

Another project is learning how to use a drawing tablet and the software to go with it. The end goal is to make my own files for my xTool C02 laser device. I have a friend who is earning 6 figures a year doing nothing but selling cuttable svg files online. I’d love to see my grandson take an interest in this, but at 19 he isn’t into anyone offering him advice. I have asked him to teach me about the software and how to make it all work, so maybe I can work some ideas into his head that way. I know, I know. Could backfire. More to come.