Me time

So I left home last Thursday to head to Florida where we have a condo not far from the ocean. We bought it at the beginning of 2021 when it was clear that the pandemic was not going to make travel much easier anytime soon. We could get a direct flight if we used an… Continue reading Me time

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November, December and January have included some health maintenance related events. Had an MRI of the breast in November (waited 2 months for pre-auth). Because of my weight loss, the pressure on my ribs was about 100 times more than in the past because there is now not so much fat padding there. I spent… Continue reading Health

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Brief update

2023 has been the year of transition, and that is ongoing. I am still not adjusted to retirement and look back on the year with only a few things that truly stand out: I look and feel nothing like the woman who said goodbye to 2022. I am s l o w l y working… Continue reading Brief update


We try again—progress, not perfection.

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Getting a little better

So I’ve finally gotten off my duff this week and found time for both some bike time and some hand weight time. Doc is going to increase Ozempic to 1mg (should be here today) and my blood sugars are stabilizing. I know that by doubling the dose, I’m going to have another round of complete… Continue reading Getting a little better


Some day soon I’ll blog about Europe and Life and Loss and Life Currents. Today, though, I’ll steal this from Amy Weatherly: I like people who begin by blurting out something overly personal. I like people who aren’t afraid to walk around with a stain on their shirt. I like people who ugly laugh at… Continue reading Europe


This is a draft post from August 22 2022 – never published it for some reason. Honestly, I am at a loss. I’m used to a typical day looking like this:– Get up– Feed cats and let them out– Make coffee– Sit and review overnight stuff on phone while waiting on coffee– Drink coffee– Find… Continue reading Rhythm

One week and counting

…before I enjoy 17 days in Europe! It’s been a lot of work but I think I have most things in place for a good time. My companion this time seems a little more overwhelmed and less excited than my friend who went before, but it’s her first time and there is a lot to… Continue reading One week and counting

Letting go

So yesterday, I let go, at least for now, of both my identity as a business owner/woman and of a friendship of nearly 7 years. Why? Lots of reasons: Both were draining me of my happiness most of the time. Both were occupying my thoughts most of the time. Both were causing me unreasonable distress… Continue reading Letting go