Brief update

2023 has been the year of transition, and that is ongoing. I am still not adjusted to retirement and look back on the year with only a few things that truly stand out:

  • Loss of both of MIL’s cats this year
  • First week long all girls craft event
  • 50+ pound weight loss (thank you OZ)
  • Collecting Social Security
  • Husband’s many detecting trips, including one to Guadeloupe and another to England – all without me
  • Trip with girlfriend to Ireland
  • Year-long list of not celebrated holidays
  • Learning about AI

I look and feel nothing like the woman who said goodbye to 2022. I am s l o w l y working my way through the never-ending to-do list. I am working out again starting this month (my muscles are so weak after all this weight loss). I am considering planning a trip to Italy with my husband, but unless he has a good time, it’s really not worth it. And I’m going to blog about ordinary things. Like Trump and Israel/Hamas. The price of housing. Strange television shows emerging since the writer’s strike. Birds. Landscape architecture. And other stuff.